With a treatment capacity of 1,000 liters per day, the Microsteam decontamination system has been designed to secure and facilitate your laboratory operations. This compact unit meets the most stringent decontamination standards, allowing highly secure decontamination of your effluent.


  • Heat treatment with F050 depending on the required safety levels
  • Standard set 135°C – 2 minutes


  • Patented steam plug-and-play unit (230V – 50 Hz – 2.2 kW – 9A / Steam: 4.5 bars – 24kW – 30 kg/h)
  • Reduced dimensions: W: 1,320 mm – L: 1,930 mm – H: 2,220 mm
  • Fully automatic operation; control and recording of all cycles by the PLC
  • Energy recovery section to cool effluent at the outlet without additional refrigerant


  • 700-liter effluent storage tank
  • Automatic start of treatment cycles according to the level of effluent
  • Effluent decontamination with patented electric heating technology
  • Gravity drainage
  • Energy recovery system
  • Monitoring desk for monitoring and automatic recording of cycles


  • Retention tank with lift system
  • Lift system
  • Extra storage capacity (1,000 liters) – Reduced dimensions: W: 1,320 mm – L: 1,930 mm – H: 2,420 mm
  • Complete CIP (Cleaning in Place) for automatic cleaning of the entire system (including collecting tank)
  • Access control and remote machine control


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