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Services on site

Our aim is to draw on our 70 years of experience in the field to guarantee the quality and speed of installation and operational implementation of our systems on site, while minimizing the impact of our technical interventions on your business.

Our priority is to guarantee your peace of mind, as well as quality service.

Our teams can intervene on any site in France and abroad, so you can benefit from our know-how.

On-site delivery and installation

Once your system has been disassembled and packed in our factory, we can take care of all the services involved in installing it in its destination environment:

  • Unloading and transporting equipment to the installation site
  • Unpacking and checking of equipment
  • Reassembly of components, fixing of skids and connection/cabling between skids
  • Checking piping connections
  • Connection to customer utilities
  • Tidying up area and removing packaging




Commissioning and testing (SAT)

At the end of the installation and equipment connection phase, our teams will commission the system and carry out the necessary acceptance tests:

  • Power-up
  • Checking hydraulic circuits
  • Input/output synchronization tests
  • Conducting SAT protocols with the customer
    • Dynamic SAT (functional tests under cycle conditions)
    • Static SAT (tests of installation compliance with plans and PIDs)
  • Assistance with qualification (IQ/OQ/QP) and validation with bioindicators and/or thermal mapping


To help your teams get to grips with our systems, our technicians will provide training in the use of our equipment.