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Continuous Neutralization (CNS)

Model : Continuous Neutralization (CNS)
Capacity : 1.000 à 16.000 liters / day and more

Description : 

ACTINI Continuous Neutralization Systems (CNS) have been specially designed to adjust the pH of effluent from ULTIMATE, ULTIMATE PLUS and FDS type Continuous Decontaminators.

They can also handle wastewater from other sources, such as CIP, washing or other acidic or basic wastewater.

This standardized, cost-optimized equipment enables high-flow neutralization and, thanks to its compact dimensions, can be adapted to small spaces.






LONG. (mm)

LARG. (mm)

HAUT. (mm)

CNS-1000 1.000 litres 1.500 litres 1.000 litres 115 litres 2.250 1.190 1.870
CNS-3000 3.000 litres 5.000 litres 2.850 litres 310 litres 2.945 1.670 2.340
CNS-6000 6.000 litres 10.000 litres 6.350 litres 810 litres 3.690 2.200 2.815
CNS-9000 9.000 litres 12.000 litres 8.200 litres 1.000 litres 4.040 2.450 2.755
CNS- 12000 12.000 litres 18.000 litres 10.000 litres 1.320 litres 4.465 2.685 2.890

*Average flow in 60 minutes

** Peak flow in less than 10 minutes

Product Highlights


Main functions: • Caustic and acid injection • Buffer tank" function • Dilute, mix and adjust pH to correct value


• Polyethylene neutralization tank • Polyethylene control tank • Pumping skid with high-flow centrifugal pump • Control cabinet

Operation :

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Automatic injection of caustic and acid to neutralize effluent pH
  • The neutralization tank’s role as a “buffer tank” smoothes out pH variations caused by acidic or caustic effluents entering the neutralization system.
  • The volume of the tank enables a sufficient contact time (30 minutes) to be maintained to generate the chemical neutralization reaction without any residual reaction after pH control.
  • The pH adjustment in the tank is automatically managed by the pH probe located in the recirculation loop, which controls the acid and soda injection pump.
  • The mixing pump stirs the tank volume with an hourly flow rate of over 5 times its volume, ensuring optimum dilution and mixing of the concentrated chemical solutions injected.
  • The control tank is used to take a sample from the neutralization tank to validate the pH value and enable the volume to be drained.
  • If the pH is within the correct range, the effluent is discharged. If the pH is out of range, the effluent volume is returned to the neutralization tank for a second treatment.


  • Two-phase neutralization: inlet pH between 0 and 14 / precise outlet pH between 6.5 and 8
  • Plate heat exchanger for effluents above 60°C
  • Inlet for connection to customer’s wastewater
  • Dedicated electrical cabinet with HMI
  • Dedicated chemical solution tanks
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