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Batch Neutralization (BNS)

Model :Batch Neutralization  (BNS)
Capacity : 1.000 to 16.000 liters / day

Description : 

The ACTINI Batch Neutralization System (BNS) has been specially designed to adjust the pH of effluent from batch decontaminators.

Featuring a wide range of options, the system is modular and can perfectly handle wastewater from other sources.




LONG. (mm)

LARG. (mm)

HAUT. (mm)

BNS-300 1.000 à 3.500 litres 530 litres 1.290 990 1.180
BNS-750 3.500 à 7.500 litres 1.200 litres 1.500 1.200 1.690
BNS-1600 7.500 à 12.000 litres 2.850 litres 1.920 1.470 2.040
BNS-1600 12.000 à 16.000 litres 4.200 litres 2.120 1.820 2.390



Product Highlights


Main functions : • Caustic and acid injection • Dilute, mix and adjust pH to correct value


• Polyethylene neutralization tank • Pumping skid with high-flow centrifugal pump


  • Automatic injection of caustic and acid to neutralize effluent pH
  • The volume of the tank allows sufficient contact time (30 minutes) to generate the chemical neutralization reaction without any residual reaction after pH control.
  • pH adjustment in the tank is managed automatically by the pH probe located in the recirculation loop, which controls the acid and caustic injection pump.
  • The mixing pump stirs the tank volume with an hourly flow rate more than 5 times its volume, ensuring optimum dilution and mixing of the concentrated chemical solutions injected.
  • Once the pH of the effluent has been adjusted, a high-flow pump empties the tank and measures the pH.
  • If the pH is within the correct range, the effluent is discharged. If the pH is out of range, the effluent volume is returned to the neutralization tank for further treatment.


  • Plate heat exchanger for effluents above 60°C
  • Neutralization tank redundancy (2nd tank)
  • Inlet for connection to customer’s wastewater
  • Dedicated electrical cabinet with HMI
  • Dedicated chemical solution tanks
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