Stop autoclaving liquids, using bleach or paying for off-site treatment!

With a treatment capacity of 100 liters per day, the KUBE decontamination system has been designed to secure and facilitate your laboratory operations. Very compact, it fits easily under a bench to be connected to an existing sink, a PSM or an effluent inlet (safety shower, laboratory network…).

This easy-to-connect unit meets the most stringent decontamination standards, allowing your staff to work safely.



  • Heat treatment with F0 from 25 to 50 depending on the required safety levels
  • Standard set 135°C – 2 minutes
  • Adjustable settings from 121°C to 135°C with a holding time of 2 to 10 minutes


  • Patented all-electric plug-and-play unit (230V – 50-60 Hz – 1.1 kW – 5A)
  • Reduced dimensions:
    • Standard: W: 600 mm – L: 700 mm (connections included) – H: 820 mm
    • With Containment option: W: 640 mm – L: 810 mm (connections included) – H: 1,220 mm
  • Fully automatic operation; control and recording of all cycles by the PLC


  • 25-liter effluent storage tank
  • Automatic start of treatment cycles according to the level of effluent
  • Effluent decontamination with patented electric heating technology
  • Gravity drainage
  • Cooling outside the treatment tank
  • Monitoring desk for monitoring and automatic recording of cycles


  • Connection to the Customer’s BMS
  • Module for BSL3 compliance
  • Vent filter for integration of the KUBE outside a confined area
  • Valve for effluent inlet
  • Access control and remote machine control
  • Pumping system


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ACTINI - Kube - 70 lpd ACTINI - Kube - 70 lpd ACTINI - Kube - 70 lpd ACTINI - Kube - 70 lpd