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Model : Ultimate 1000 (ULT-1000)
Capacity : up to 16.000 liters / day
Technology : Continuous
Energy : Steam

Conception : Standard with Options

Description : 

Designed for a daily treatment capacity of up to 16,000 liters per day, the Ultimate 1000 is an ultra-compact model that combines all the essential functions for safe decontamination and effluent discharge with the advantages of a standard design in terms of price, time and ease of integration.

The Ultimate in a few lines

The ULTIMATE is a continuous decontamination system specially designed for laboratories and production sites that do not have specific prerequisites in their URS.

  • Standard Design System
  • Produced in series and available from stock and can be delivered in fast-track (2,000 or 5,000 liter collection tank included if required)
  • This ultra-compact unit will meet all decontamination needs and can be easily and quickly integrated into all types of environments
  • Tested in our factories before shipment for optimal operation from the moment it is installed at our customers’ premises

Product Highlights

Treatment Program

80°C to 135°C for 1 minute as standard (adjustable scale)


Steam Energy Recovery Section No ice water required


• Dimensions (mm): 1,340 x 810 • Height (mm): 2.100


  • Recommended daily operation: up to 16 hours per day
  • Steam heating technology via a spiral heat exchanger designed by ACTINI
  • Before the contaminated effluent is admitted to the decontaminator, the decontaminator works with water from the launch tank until the flow rate values and the treatment temperature are stabilized.
  • After stabilization, the effluent is sent to the decontamination system, heated to the required process temperature for the specified time, and then discharged to the sewer system.
  • In the event of a loss of the treatment setpoint or the holding value (measured by the flow meter), the decontaminator automatically diverts the effluent to the storage tank. The system then automatically switches to the sanitation cycle and, if necessary, to the wash cycle.
  • After successful sanitation and if effluent treatment is required, the system automatically restarts a decontamination cycle.
    At the end of the decontamination cycle, the machine starts a sanitation cycle and then a washing cycle if necessary
  • The system is fully decontaminated and ready for a new decontamination cycle
  • Totalement automatisé, la supervision pilote chaque étape (de la collecte du liquide contaminé au rejet du liquide décontaminé) pour un fonctionnement sécurisé et une traçabilité totale.  Les cycles sont gérés par PLC et sont contrôlés via un écran tactile situé en façade de l’armoire électrique


  • Standard Design
  • Continuous system allowing very fast fluid circulation for an optimized overall exchange coefficient and treatment of large volumes of effluents
  • Filter-safe pumping system
  • Fully welded heat exchangers to avoid the risk of leakage and cross-contamination
  • Energy recovery section allows natural preheating and precooling of the inlet and outlet effluents without the addition of refrigerant (saving 80% of the thermal energy used)
  • Compliance with European and American standards
  • Fully instrumented system (temperature sensor, flow meter, pressure and level transmitters, valves)
  • CIP system


  • Configuring Hold Times
  • Standard effluent collection tank (2,000 or 5,000 litres)
  • CIP system for the collection tank
  • Additional cooling section (if the effluent inlet temperature is above 30°C)
  • Integration of the storage tank into automation programs if tank not supplied by ACTINI
  • Control option for cycle monitoring and remote intervention
  • Document package with traceability
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