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Performance-driven services

To guarantee a high level of operational reliability and production quality, it is important to maintain your equipment.

We offer a large range of maintenance packages to ensure optimum management of your system throughout its lifecycle.

Our spare parts packages

Reactivity in the event of breakdown is a key factor in the operational management of your units, and in your productivity. Having the right parts at the right time will enable you to deal quickly with any equipment failures.

  • “First Emergency” set
    This formula will ensure that you have the minimum set of parts required for the most common maintenance operations. With the help of our hotline if you wish, you can quickly replace worn parts and avoid costly production stoppages.
  • “Revision” set
    Particularly suited to structures with a maintenance department, the “Overhaul” package will ensure that your teams have all the parts they need for preventive maintenance operations.
  • “Prevention” set
    Aware that some of our customers cannot afford a production stoppage in the event of a critical component failure, we offer a “prevention” set which includes a complete spare parts kit for rapid operational restart.

Our Contract Packages

To keep your equipment in optimum working condition, it’s essential to carry out regular preventive maintenance. You can outsource these services to our teams of experts.

The “Plus” of our Contract Packages

  • Services scheduled according to the rate and conditions of use of your machine
  • Quality service provided by technicians specialized in hydraulic and thermal processes
  • Scheduled maintenance operations to limit production downtime
  • Upgrading of your equipment in line with the latest automation developments
  • Management of your parts replenishment from stock by our technicians
  • 30% discount on spare parts orders
  • Free access to our hotline and priority handling of your requests
  • Remote control options for greater responsiveness
  • On-site intervention within 24 to 72 hours in the event of blocking faults
  • Detailed maintenance reports for total traceability

Training / Audit / Retrofit

Change of coworkers, integration of new operators…

We are at your disposal to study your training needs for the operation of your installations.

Our Engineering and Services structure, accredited for training, will work with you to develop training services tailored to your present and future needs.