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Ultimate Plus

Model : Ultimate Plus
Capacity : from 16.000 to 192.000 liters / day
Technology : Continuous
Energy : Steam

Conception : Standard with Options

Description : 

Our Ultimate PLus decontamination system has been designed to offer our customers a modular, scalable decontamination solution capable of treating liquid effluents from 3,000 to 12,000 liters per hour.

The equipment can grow with you according to your production levels: it consists of a 3,000-liter/hour ULTIMATE base to which up to 3 3,000-liter/hour extensions can be added according to your flow capacity requirements for maximum flexibility.





ULT-3000 16.000 à 48.000 litres Continu Vapeur
ULT-3000 + EXT3000 (x1) 30.000 à 96.000 litres Continu Vapeur
ULT-3000 + EXT3000 (x2) 50.000 144.000 litres Continu Vapeur
ULT-3000 + EXT3000 (x3) 140.000 à 192.000 litres Continu Vapeur

*Capacité journalière pour les systèmes en continu basée sur un fonctionnement de 16 heures par jour. Nos systèmes en continu peuvent fonctionner

jusqu’à 24 heures par jour en fonction des conditions d’opération.

Product Highlights

Treatment program

80°C to 135°C for 1 minute standard (adjustable scale)


Steam Energy recovery section No chilled water required


ULT-3000 main skid • Overall dimensions (mm): 1,700 x 2,480 • Height (mm): 2,390 EXT-3000 extension • Dimensions (mm): 940 x 2,530 per module • Height (mm): 2,390


  • Decontamination capacity of main skid: 3,000 liters/hour
  • Decontamination capacity of each extension: 3,000 liters/hour
  • Up to 3 extensions of 3,000 liters/hour can be connected, for a total of 12,000 liters/hour
  • Recommended daily operation: up to 16 hours per day
  • The Ultimate 3000 is based on a modular structure that allows processing throughput to be increased by adding parallel passes.
  • The basic module comprising the essential equipment components operates in the same way as an Ultimate 1000 lph.
  • The main difference between the Ultimate 3000 and the Ultimate 1000 is that the Ultimate 3000 has pumps enabling a flow range from 3,000 to 12,000 l/h at constant pressure.
  • The flow rate per exchanger is fixed at 3,000 l/h, and can be increased by adding parallel-pass exchangers. Each exchanger is equipped with its own heating and flow rate control, enabling management of different levels of fouling between the different exchangers without creating a preferential circuit.
  • Fully automated, the supervision system controls every stage of the process (from collection of contaminated liquid to discharge of decontaminated liquid), ensuring safe operation and total traceability. Cycles are managed by PLC and controlled via a touch screen on the front of the electrical cabinet.


  • Standard design
  • Continuous system allowing very rapid fluid circulation for an optimized overall exchange coefficient and treatment of large volumes of effluent
  • All-welded ACTINI heat exchangers to prevent leakage and cross-contamination
  • Operation controlled from the main skid: no need for automation studies when connecting extensions
  • Energy recovery section for natural preheating and pre-cooling of incoming and outgoing effluent without the addition of coolant (80% savings in thermal energy used)
  • Possibility of doubling the pumping system for redundancy
  • Compliance with European and American standards
  • Fully automated operation of main skid and extensions, with control panel and sensors: cycles can be started, stopped and recorded without any intervention whatsoever
  • Fully instrumented system (temperature sensor, flowmeter, pressure and level transmitters, valves)
  • During maintenance operations, a complete and automatic direct steam sterilization cycle is performed to ensure the safety of the personnel involved.


  • Configuration of the holding times if different from the standard
  • CIP system for the collection tank
  • Additional cooling section (if the effluent inlet temperature is above 25°C)
  • Integration of the storage tank into automation programs if tank not supplied by ACTINI
  • Maintenance platform
  • Control option for cycle monitoring and remote intervention
  • Document package with traceability
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