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Model  : Cyclobatch (BDS)
Capacity : from 100 to 16.000 liters / day
Technology : Batch
Energy : Steam

Conception : Standard and Custom

Description : 

The fruit of our R&D efforts, our CYCLOBATCH decontamination gram features unique characteristics and incomparable thermal and energy performance for decontamination capacities ranging from 100 to 16,000 liters per day.

Particularly suited to the treatment of effluents containing particles or with variable viscosity, our wide range of BDS systems offers numerous possible configurations to meet your needs in terms of flow rate, type of effluent, biosafety level, time/temperature scale, redundancy…





BDS-30 30 litres 60 litres 100 à 1.000 litres
BDS-300 300 litres 510 litres 1.000 à 3.500 litres
BDS-750 750 litres 1.250 litres 3.500 à 7.500 litres
BDS-1600 1.600 litres 2.500 litres 7.500 à 12.000 litres
BDS-2200 2.200 litres 3.500 litres 12.000 à 16.000 litres

*Average daily capacity: depending on process temperature/time/steam and cooling water available (based on 20-hour/day operation).

Product Highlights

Treatment program

Adjustable time/temperature scale according to specifications


Steam Energy recovery section


Direct steam injection Patented technology Indirect heating technology also available


  • Compliance with the most stringent BSL 3 – BSL 4 / SIL 3 containment requirements
  • Patented tangential steam injection technology generates cyclonic agitation within the process vessel, enabling faster, more even heating down to the center of the vessel
  • Redundancy possible with 2 decontamination tanks
  • Sensor validation of treatment efficiency
  • Containment of contaminated effluent by strict safety devices
  • No risk of recontamination of treated product thanks to pressurized contaminated effluents


  • Reliability: no vent filters (eliminates risk of clogging), no gaseous emissions
  • Gravity filling and emptying to avoid the use of leak-prone pumps and maximize containment
  • Energy recovery section for natural preheating and pre-cooling of incoming and outgoing effluent without the addition of coolant (80% savings in thermal energy used)
  • Pressure drainage during the heating cycle
  • Silent operation: injection system equipped with SilentBlock technology (75 dBA vs. 100 dBA for equivalent systems)
  • Cooling outside the decontamination tank: the tank remains hot at all times, reducing energy consumption by almost 25%.
  • Fully automated, the supervision system controls every stage (from collection of contaminated liquid to discharge of decontaminated liquid) for safe operation and total traceability. Cycles are managed by PLC and controlled via a touch screen on the front of the control cabinet.
  • Fully instrumented system (temperature sensor, flowmeter, pressure and level transmitters, valves)
  • Cleaning system in place
  • Reduced footprint
  • No foaming effect
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