Model : Micro30

Capacity: up to 1,500 liters per day in the standard version and 3,000 liters per day with double tank
Technology: Batch
Energy: Electricity

Design: Standard with Options


Description : 

The MICRO30 decontamination system has been designed to treat a daily effluent volume of 1,500 liters per day (standard version) or 3,000 liters per day (with the dual decontamination tank option).

Its operation is very similar to that of the MICRO model due to its patented electrical technology but with a greater processing capacity.

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Micro30 model in a few lines

Designed specifically for high containment classes, this system will allow you to treat up to 3,000 liters per day of biological production effluent.

  • Patented all-electric treatment technology with energy recovery
  • Scalable system offering the possibility of adding a treatment capacity of 1,500 liters per day in a second step
  • Compact unit that can be integrated into your laboratory or basement.
  • Meets the highest decontamination standards, allowing your staff to work safely without the use of chemicals
  • Mass production, availability from stock and tests carried out on our premises before shipment for optimal operation as soon as it is connected to customer utilities
  • Fully automatic operation with cycle management fully managed by the on-board PLC
  • Very easy maintenance thanks to a rail system that allows the process tanks to be taken out

Product Highlights

Treatment Program

135°C for 2 minutes - F0 = 50 or 125°C for 20 minutes - F0 = 20* * Impact on daily capacity


Electricity: single-phase 3x 400 V - 50-60 Hz - 11 kW / 16 A Built-in energy recovery section No ice water required

Technical Specifications

• Internal storage capacity: 1,500 liters • Fully automatic operation with cycle traceability • Remote control and access control available • Production report


• Dimensions (mm): 2.210 x 1.410 • Height (mm) : 2.210


  • All-electric plug-and-play unit with energy recovery section
  • Receipt of effluent in a 1,500 litre buffer tank
  • Capacity increase or redundancy possible with integration of a 2nd tank of 1,500 liters
  • Filling of storage and treatment tanks by gravity
  • Automatic start of the cycle according to the level of effluent in the tank
  • Effluent treatment in a decontamination tank (patented system) with all-electric heating technology
  • Validation of sensor-based decontamination
  • Effluent Discharge Authorization
  • CIP of the treatment tank


  • Fully automated, the supervision controls each step (from the collection of the contaminated liquid to the discharge of the decontaminated liquid) for safe operation and total traceability. The cycles are managed by PLC and are controlled via a touch screen located on the front of the equipment.



  • 2nd treatment tank with a daily decontamination capacity of 3,000 liters
  • Lifting system for feeding the collection tank
  • Complete CIP skid with built-in storage tank cleaning
  • High Risk Option
  • Containment of the storage tank
  • Air Compressor
  • Control option for cycle monitoring and remote intervention
  • Possibility to add an external storage tank
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