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Range : Autoclave
Capacity : 30 to 24.000 liters

Description : 

Aware of the challenges posed to the quality of sterilized products, and backed by its experience in sterilization technologies, SOFAST offers a wide range of autoclaves covering all load sterilization needs, with capacities up to 24m³.

Autoclave Vacuum Steamer

Technology : saturated steam autoclave mainly used for sterilizing parts in contact with the final product.

Load types :

  • Open vials
  • Unfilled syringes
  • Caps, closures
  • Instruments
  • Textiles
  • Format parts

Ventilated autoclave (air/steam)

Technology used to process sensitive loads requiring pressure control and specifically adapted to sterilize and cool hermetically sealed containers :

  • Sealed vials
  • Solution bags (glucose solutions, etc.)
  • Parenteral nutrition bags
  • Filled syringes
  • Injectable ampoules

Superheated water autoclave

Superheated water sterilization technology is most often used for autoclaving containers requiring drying after processing, such as :

  • Sealed full bottles
  • Ampoules


Product Highlights


• Cylindrical • Rectangular


• Steam vacuum • Ventilated (air/steam) • Superheated water


• Single or double door • Side opening, vertical downwards or upwards, hinged


• Load-sized / height-adjustable / designed to HSE requirements • Loading baskets designed according to loads to be handled • Automatic conveying • Level loading

Dimensioning according to :

  • Type of loads: solid and/or liquid
  • Quantity per batch per day
  • Weight
  • Preliminary and/or final sterilization
  • Type of loading/unloading required (forklift, ground level, etc.)
  • Collection tanks
  • With associated treatments: washing before sterilization, H2O2 cycle, etc.





  • cGMP environment
  • Standard or customized design according to integration and use constraints
  • Double or single door autoclave
  • Adaptable opening directions: lateral, vertical, hinged
  • Carts designed according to cycles and loads to be processed
  • Integration of bioseal
  • Fully automatic operation with front panel
  • Recipe management and logging system (batch reports, raw data, etc.) exportable to client server.
  • Built to PED 2014/68/EU and CODAP standards

Utilities, connectivity and scalability studies

  • Dimensionning of utilities required (electricity, steam, demineralized water, compressed air, N2, etc.) and drainage requirements
  • Integration of slave steam generator if required
  • Sterilizing fluid filtration with integrity test option in place
  • Technical skid can be offset for restricted environments


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