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Steam vacuum autoclave

Titre produit : Steam vacuum autoclave
Category : Decontamination
Capacity : 30 to 24.000 liters / cycle
Technology : steam vacuum

Description : 

Our customizable autoclaves, based on steam-vacuum technology, can decontaminate from 30 to 24,000 liters of solid or liquid-containing loads per cycle.

Because decontamination must be guaranteed at all times, SOFAST has designed and optimised compact autoclaves that are completely safe in terms of decontamination, manufacturing, automation and protection of operators and the environment.


• Open bottles
• Unfilled syringes
• Caps
• Instruments / format parts
• Textiles
• Sterilization > 105°C

Product Highlights


Parallelepipedic or Cylindrical


Single or double door Side, vertical downward or upward opening, hinged


Transport trolley Height-adjustable trolley Loading Basket Automatic conveying Floor-level loading

Study of the loads to be sterilized in order to choose the technology

  • Type of fillers: solids and/or liquids
  • Quantity per batch per day
  • Weight
  • Preliminary and/or final sterilization
  • Type of loading/unloading to be provided (trolley, ground floor, etc.)
  • Collection tanks
  • With associated treatments: washing before sterilization, H2O2 cycle, etc.

Environmentally-specific layout study

  • Containment Requirement (P3/P4)
  • cGMP Environment
  • Double or single door autoclave
  • Adaptation of opening directions: side, vertical, hinged

Utility, connectivity and scalability studies

  • Sizing of the required utilities (electricity, steam, demineralized water, compressed air, N2, etc.) and evacuations to be provided
  • Servo steam generator integration if required
  • Sterilizing fluid filtration with in-place integrity testing option
  • Recipe management system and historization (batch reports, raw data, etc.) exportable to the client server
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