Model : Sink
Capacity: up to 100 liters per day
Technology: Batch
Energy: Electricity
Design: Standard with Options

Description : 

With a treatment capacity of 100 liters per day, the SINK decontamination system has been designed to secure and facilitate your operations related to your research and development activities. This effluent decontamination station incorporates a sink equipped with an automatic tap that allows you to have a safe water point in your confined space (effluent discharge, rinsing, etc.).

Sink model in a few lines

Aware of the constraints related to cost, energy, space, flow rates and containment, this decontamination station has been developed to offer a simple, affordable and sustainable solution for the decontamination of biohazard liquids in research laboratories, CMOs, biotech start-ups, hospitals, diagnostic centers and forensic services.

  • Patented treatment technology
  • Compact unit, easy to integrate close to your bench or workstation
  • Meets the highest decontamination standards, allowing your staff to work safely without the use of chemicals
  • Mass production, availability from stock and tests carried out on our premises before shipment for optimal operation as soon as it is connected to customer utilities
  • Fully automatic operation with cycle management fully managed by the on-board PLC

Product Highlights

Treatment program

135°C for 2 minutes F0 = 50 (adjustable according to the required security levels)


Electricity Single phase 230 V - 50-60 Hz 1.1 kW / 5 A

Technical Features

• Internal storage capacity: 25 liters • Fully automatic operation with cycle traceability • Remote control and access control available • Production report


• Footprint (mm): 600 x 700 • Height (mm): 1.300


  • All-electric plug-and-play unit
  • Effluent reception in a Varicor sink with faucet equipped with a motion detector for automatic contactless triggering
  • Effluent storage in a 25-litre buffer tank
  • Filling of storage and treatment tanks by gravity
  • Automatic start of the cycle according to the level of effluent in the tank
  • Effluent treatment in a decontamination tank (patented system) with all-electric heating technology
  • Validation of sensor-based decontamination
  • Effluent Discharge Authorization
  • Cooling of effluents before discharge via a cooler exchanger for outlet at 70-75°C
  • Fully automated operation with control panel: start, stop and save cycles without any intervention (incl. self-diagnostic programs)


  • BSL3 High Risk Containment Module
  • Batch Report
  • Additional cooling section for effluent outlet at 40-45°C
  • Control option for cycle monitoring and remote intervention
  • Connection kit
  • Add-on external storage skid
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