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Sterilization Pilot

Gamme : Pilote
Category : Sterilization
Energy : Electricity

Conception : standard

Description : 

Drawing on its experience in pasteurization and sterilization, and aware of the need of some of our customers to test their products or produce in small batches, ACTINI has developed a PILOT available for rental or purchase, capable of heat treating from 20 to 500 liters of product per hour.

Available for rental

Our Pilot is available for purchase or rental:

At the ACTINI site, for tests accompanied by ACTINI technicians (cold storage of products, viscosity tests and procedures for sending to laboratories for analysis).
At the customer’s site for rentals of one week or more, with purchase option and ACTINI technicians on hand for start-up and training in use of the PILOT.

Product Highlights


• Product testing • Product characterization • Sterilization validation • Shelf-life testing • Product launches • Multi-product small series


• From 1 to 1.000 cP

Treatment program

From 60°C to 150°C (adjustable according to product) Adjustable chambering time


Patented Actijoule all-electric technology


• Pilot Dimensions (mm): 1,610 x 980 Height: 1.770 • Skid - including product tanks and pumps (mm) : Overall dimensions: 1,300 x 500 Height: 1,310 mm

Operation :

  • Products: variable viscosity from 1 to 1,000 cP
  • Adjustable flow rate from 20 to 500 l/h depending on product viscosity and process temperature
  • Pilot includes 2 pump types for testing products of different viscosities
  • Highly precise temperature control eliminates any risk of overheating and damaging the treated solution
  • Guaranteed recipe repeatability


  • Aseptic tubular heat exchanger
  • All-electric heating (patented ACTIJOULE technology)
  • Dual pumping skid (centrifugal and volumetric)
  • Monitored and recorded cycle management
  • CIP / SIP cycles for perfect process asepsis
  • Semi-automatic operation for scale adjustment


  • Integration of a preparation tank for mixing and/or diluting the products to be treated
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Sterilization Pilot

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