Designer, manufacturer and installer of innovative heat treatment solutions

For over 70 years, Actini Group has been designing, manufacturing and marketing pasteurization, sterilization and decontamination equipment for liquid processing.

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Stimulated by the constant evolution of its customers' needs, ACTINI is constantly developing new technologies and ranges of pasteurization, sterilization and decontamination systems that are ever more innovative and efficient.
Combining all the expertise required for pharmaceutical and cosmetics projects, SOFAST has specialized over the years in the design and manufacture of autoclaves, washers and process skids for the preparation and transfer of sterile products.
Drawing on its experience in pharmaceutical and biotechnological bioprocesses, BIOADVISE offers a wide range of services to help you define your needs, select the most appropriate solutions, make your installations operational, qualify them and monitor them throughout their life cycle.

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Honouring our commitments

As a family-owned company, respect for our commitments and quality are deeply rooted in our culture and essential to serving the demanding markets in which we operate.

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With 100% in-house design and manufacturing, we are proud to be able to rely on teams with a wide range of skills and know-how to guarantee our customers' satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

Our Quality Management System, based on the ISO 9001 standard, and our LEAN organization are invaluable tools on which we rely. We must anticipate our customers' expectations, optimize our internal operations, and at the same time place ourselves in a dynamic of continuous improvement.


Innovation is part of the Group's DNA, and has always been at the heart of our day-to-day work, with constant research and development to provide our customers with new solutions and improve the life cycle of our products and the way they are manufactured.

Innovation and sustainability at the heart of our business

Renewal and adaptation to the world in which we operate have always been hallmarks of ACTINI.

Innovation has always been at the heart of our day-to-day business, with constant research and development to provide our customers with new solutions, limit our environmental footprint and take a proactive approach to sustainable development.

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Our expertise in defining customer needs and managing projects, combined with the skills of our teams, will help you find innovative processing solutions adapted to your requirements, the characteristics of your products and your production environment.

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