Innovation, the heart of our daily life

Stimulated by the constant evolution of its customers’ needs, ACTINI has never ceased to develop new technologies and to be the originator of numerous patents.

Aware of ecological and environmental issues, ACTINI continues its research and development work and is involved in numerous innovation programs to increase the performance of its systems and limit their energy footprint.

Innovation and CSR commitments

Designing reliable systems for our customers, validated and adapted to their constraints, with systems that are increasingly compact, scalable and low-maintenance.
Reducing the energy consumption of our systems.

Energy efficiency has always been a preoccupation in our R&D programs, but it is becoming a central issue today in view of the ecological challenges and energy crises we are facing.

So it's only logical that we should focus on these issues by developing new heating and energy recovery technologies aimed at achieving energy neutrality.
Limiting our environmental footprint

ISO14001 certification, controlled purchasing policy, commitment to reducing our energy consumption, waste reduction and recycling, reduction of our employees' carbon footprint... these are just some of the actions that our organization and all our employees are committed to taking to preserve our planet.

70 years of innovation and patents


Tube-in-tube heat exchange technology, the basis of our heating and energy recovery systems and at the heart of our heat treatment processes since the 1970s.


The Actijoule® electric heat exchanger, also known as TPC (Tube à Passage de Courant), was developed and patented by ACTINI to enable the use of electricity alone as a heating mode, and also to provide very precise regulation for the treatment of heat-sensitive products.


The Actiflash® process, based on Actijoule® technology, technology has been developed to enable fluids to circulate at very high speeds, thus enabling the processing of heat-sensitive products at very high temperatures without altering their quality or functional properties.


ACTINI has patented a unique Batch treatment technology offering unrivalled energy performance (reduced cycle times, lower energy consumption), a very compact footprint and very low unit maintenance.

Electric systems

We now offer a range of fully electric systems for both our laboratory and industrial ranges. Equipped with patented electric batch technology or Actijoule heating technology for continuous systems, our entire range is now available with electric heating.

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