Tubular exchangers with modified geometry

Committed to improving the treatment of products containing pieces or very viscous, ACTINI has developed new geometries of tubes to equip its exchangers. 

Special geometries

  • Corrugated
  • Multilobed
  • Multitubular

Operating principle

In laminar flow (Reynolds number <2100), the heat exchange coefficients are significantly lower than in turbulent flow.

Tubes with modified geometry have been designed to increase the overall heat transfer coefficient and to provide an homogeneous treatment all the way through.

Indeed, in these tubes, the exchange surface is higher with respect to the volume of treated product.


  • Increased thermal efficiency up to 30%
  • Treatment all the way through (absence of cold vein)
  • Geometries particularly suitable for sensitive products containing pieces or very viscous.
  • Increased production times
  • Cleaning of the exchanger without disassembly (design avoiding dead zones and preferential circuits, thus giving them perfect hygienic properties)
  • Reduction of the size of the machines up to 30%