ACTINI, a story of people

For over 70 years, ACTINI has been designing, manufacturing and installing heat treatment equipment tailored to the needs and requirements of biopharmaceutical and cosmetics manufacturers, laboratories and research centers in the fields of human and animal health and the environment.

Our vast experience and international presence enable us to manage projects all over the world, offering both standard and customized products combining safety, reliability, longevity and ease of maintenance.

Over the years, we have placed ever more efficient technologies at the heart of our processes, and built our organization to be as close as possible to our customers, providing them with advice, support and services.

Actini in a few dates


Creation of Actini France by William-Patrick de STOUTZ and production of the first ACTINI exchangers.


Years marked by numerous technical developments, the invention of unique heat treatment technologies and the filing of our first patents.


Creation of the Biopharma entity, specializing in the supply of industrial decontaminators and sterilizers, and the start of Actini's international expansion.


ACTINI expands its offer with the creation of the Laboratory range for biotech research centers and start-ups, and opens its American and Chinese subsidiaries.


Sofast, a Bordeaux-based company specializing in the supply of preparation and sterilization equipment, joins the ACTINI Group.


Bioadvise, a consulting company, is founded. A Canadian and a French structure enable the group to offer a complete range of consulting services


The ACTINI Group, with its 7 decades of expertise and experience, celebrates its 70th anniversary.


ACTINI continues to offer new, innovative solutions, focused on safety, energy efficiency and increasingly sustainable processes.

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Close to our customers, close to their needs

To be as close as possible to its customers, Actini has developed and set up operations all around the globe, with 3 production sites and offices in Europe, Asia and North America.