Considering that egg processing is not only reserved to big companies, ACTINI has designed a small-scale liquid egg production plant.

Sized to pasteurize up to 100,000 eggs per day, the OVOCOMPACT® line is perfectly adapted to small egg producers to:

  • Process downgraded eggs and turn them into a safe pasteurized product with high added value
  • Diversify their business and work with food manufacturers having increasing raw material requirements
  • Or simply expand their product range by using it as a secondary line for a complementary business for the production of organic egg products for instance


Compact line to process whole or separated liquid egg


  • Automatic breaker
  • Possibility to break manually for the production of whole egg
  • Egg storage after breaking


  • Filtration eliminating microshells in the liquid egg
  • Pasteurization at 68°C. This step provides an extended shelf life while preserving the egg functional properties
  • Pasteurizing Capacity 650 kg/h


  • Filling of the product in BIB, buckets, containers, bottles.
  • Manual filling system
  • Automatic filler as option

Integration and layout


ACTINI - Ovocompact ACTINI - Ovocompact ACTINI - Ovocompact