Our goal is to obtain a processed product worthy of a fresh product

The tubular technology designed and developed by ACTINI perfectly meets the requirements of pasteurization and sterilization of heat-sensitive products having a fragile nature and a variable texture (fluid, viscous, pulpy or chunky). Our solutions will meet your expectations for treating your products while preserving all their original and functional properties.

We offer you our thermal, hydraulic, process and automation skills to offer you the best solution and solve various problems related to products processing.

To meet the increasing demands and changing needs of food manufacturers, ACTINI Group has continued to develop its expertise:

Thermal, hydraulic, process and automation skills…

… to solve problems relating to the treatment of products by tubular technology and thus to offer a complete range of pasteurizers and sterilizers.

To offer the best solutions…

… in terms of productivity and high quality finished products.

To accompany our Customer from upstream to downstream…

… by ensuring listening, careful installation and reliable monitoring tools, a challenge faced by our teams daily.

And of course all these services integrate full traceability of components as well as an efficient training and maintenance service worldwide.