We have developed a particularly efficient range of drying systems with the following objectives:

  • Obtaining high-performance powders: solubility, flowability and dispersion
  • An optimal quality of incorporation for your preparations and those of your customers
  • Very competitive investment and operating costs


  • Aseptic design
  • Very accurate control of humidity thanks to the multi-step design
  • Cleanability of the entire CIP installation with automatic cycles
  • Multiple products / recipes on the same installation
  • Energy saving through multiple effects technology (MSD)
  • Static bed at the bottom of the tower to fluidize the powder and particularly useful in the presence of fat

Technical data

Technology: multiple effects atomization tower (MSD)

Flow rate: from 100 to 3,000 kg/h of evaporated water

Air heating: direct or indirect gas (steam or through air/air exchanger)

Separation of fines by:

  • Cyclone
  • Bag filter
  • Both cyclone and flter in series

Others options

  • Static fluidized bed at the bottom of the room
  • Heating / cooling fluidized bed
  • Recirculation of fines / granulation
ACTINI - Ovodryer ACTINI - Ovodryer ACTINI - Ovodryer ACTINI - Ovodryer ACTINI - Ovodryer