ACTINI has more than 65 years of know-how and a worldwide reputation in the design, manufacturing and commissioning of pasteurization and sterilization equipment for food and phytosanitary liquids.

Thanks to the technologies developed and patented by the company, ACTINI has gradually specialized in the heat treatment of liquids under high constraints (heat-sensitive, viscous, etc.).

Its ability to innovate, combined with technical mastery and historical know-how have enabled it over the years to offer ever more efficient solutions in order to extend the shelf life of treated products while preserving their organoleptic qualities and their original functional properties without adding preservatives.

If you wish to carry out tests on your products without investing in the purchase of equipment, our pilot platforms are available for rent on our site in Evian (France) or on your site. We can thus accompany you in your project and make you benefit from our experience and our expertise.


Rental with purchase option

  • AT OUR FACILITY (Evian, France):
    • Support from ACTINI specialists
    • Delivery of products, cold storage of products…
    • Definition of test protocols
    • Test campaigns, viscosity tests…
    • Sending to the laboratory for analysis of the results
    • Equipment available quickly
    • Support from ACTINI technicians for on-site start-up and commissioning
    • Training in the use of the pilot and in product development
    • Rental period: from one week or longer with purchase option


  • Development of new products
  • Pre-series before the launch of ranges
  • Process feasibility: validation of the treatment program, flow rate and temperature for pasteurization, sterilization and stabilization
  • Product shelf life: validation of process data for product conservation
  • Product qualities: validation of the preservation of the product functional properties after treatment
  • Microbiological and rheology tests


  • Heat-sensitive and fragile products
  • Viscous products (from 1 to 1,000 cP)
  • Products with chunks
  • Multi-product designs
    • Fruit juices and smoothies
    • Fruit purees
    • Sauces
    • Plant extracts
    • Active ingredients
    • Aromas
    • Food coloring
    • Dairy products
    • Dessert creams


  • Flash pasteurization / sterilization
  • Homogeneity of treatment
  • Preserved functional properties
  • Guaranteed repeatability of recipes
  • Specific treatments (kosher …)

Technical features

  • Treatment capacity: 20 to 500 liters per hour according to viscosity and treatment temperature
  • Energy: Electricity
  • Heat treatment: 60°C to 150°C
  • Modular holding time: 1 to 750 seconds 
  • Temperature set point: adjustable
  • Temperature control and regulation
  • 2 different pumps to test products with varying viscosities:
    • Centrifugal pump: low viscosity products
    • Volumetric pump: viscous products
  • Design:
    • Tubular technology
    • Aseptic process & design with CIP & SIP cycles
    • Patented electrical heating process
    • Compact footprint (mm): L: 1,610 x W: 980 x H: 1,770
      Dimensions of the skid including product tanks & pumps (mm): L: 1,300 x W: 500 x H: 1,310
  • Semi-automatic operation with recording of treatment data, visualization and repeatability of recipes

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