Egg, a product both simple and complex

The complexity of pasteurization lies on the nature of the product. The pasteurization of a product as fragile, variable and heat-sensitive as eggs is a real challenge that requires a strong expertise in product and process.

In addition, the treatment of different products such as whole, white, yolk or salty yolk with the same equipment is also an issue.

Our objective: allow our customers to propose a formulated and safe product similar to the functional properties of fresh egg, by investing in an effective pasteurization system that will eliminate any potential pathogenic microorganism while protecting the original qualities of the egg.

A pasteurization with a patented design

Main characteristics of our pasteurizers

  • Capacity of pasteurization from 250 to 20,000 kg/hour
  • Hygienic design
  • Sanitation at 121°C (hot water) for 30 minutes to ensure the asepsis of the process befrore starting the production
  • Circulation of the product without shearing, thus preserving the emulsifying power of the pasteurized egg
  • Less losses in the beginning of egg product production 
  • Cycle of production from 8 to 10 hours without cleaning
  • Pasteurizer equipped with a section of energy recovery (90% of energy saving)
  • Automatic functioning
  • Conformity with the strictest food standards

A pasteurization system suitable for each product

  • Whole:         from 65°C to 74°C  (holding time: 180 seconds)
  • White:          from 55°C to 60°C  (holding time: 180 seconds)
  • Yolk:             from 62°C to 67°C  (holding time: 360 seconds)


Ultra-pasteurization at  74°C – OVOFLASH Technology

For processors wishing to obtain a very long shelf life, ACTINI has developed an ultra-high-temperature pasteurization process.

With this unique technology, eggs can be processed up to 74°C without coagulation.

This patented method has a major advantage over both the economic and health plan: it achieves a shelf life of 8 to 10 weeks (against 2-4 with conventional methods) while preserving the functional properties of fresh egg.

The Flash pasteurization is the most reliable technology to guarantee the elimination of any potential pathogenic microorganism and reach a longer shelf life. A treatment at 74°C also helps to destroy the most heat-resistant bacteria (for instance, the avian influenza germ can be destroyed only above 70°C).

In addition to the preservation of the intrinsic qualities of eggs, ACTINI pasteurizers have been designed to preserve their functional characteristics (binding, whipping, emulsifying, coloring, flavoring and anti-crystallizing) and to obtain processed eggs having the same properties as fresh eggs.


Classic pasteurization at 68°C – ACTITUBE Technology

The range of ACTITUBE pasteurizers (with hot water heating module) will meet the needs of processors for which the shelf life is not a priority or a market differentiator


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