Located in Evian, France, ACTINI has more than 65 years of experience and a worldwide reputation in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of pasteurization and sterilization equipment for food and phytosanitary liquids.

Thanks to the technologies developed and patented by the company, ACTINI has gradually specialized in the heat treatment of liquids under high constraints (heat-sensitive, viscous…).

Motivated by the desire to put the expertise and experience of its teams at the service of your products and the industrial performance of your production lines, ACTINI has developed a unique tubular pasteurization technology to extend the shelf life of processed products while preserving their original organoleptic qualities and functional properties.


Our commitments


Applications: heat-sensitive products

  • Product viscosity variable from 1 to 1,000 cP and more upon request
  • Egg products: whole egg, white and yolk
  • Milk and dairy products
  • Beverages: juices, nectars, pulps, concentrates, syrups, nutritional drinks, beers, wines, coffees, …
  • Fruits: fruit purées, compotes, jams, coulis, soups, …
  • Ingredients and extracts: peptides, serum, molasses, flavorings, food colorings, natural extracts, algae-based products, protein ingredients, honey, oils….

Main features of our Pasteurizer

  • Pasteurization capacity: 250 to 20,000 liters per hour
  • Treatment temperature adjustable from 60°C to 95°C depending on the products
  • Design:
    • 100% tubular design for heating section and hygienic design
    • Tubular/plate combination  for energy recovery and cooling sections for units of big capacities
  • Configurable or fixed holding time
  • Heating technology: hot water or steam or Actijoule® electricity depending on the Customer’s capacity or utilities
  • Possibility of single or multi-product configuration
  • 100% automatic equipment for secure, monitored and recorded cycle management
  • Accurate regulation eliminating any risk of overheating and damage to the treated product
  • Recipe repeatability guarantee
  • Sanitation: sterilization of the entire circuit, including the Pasteurizer and the Filler, up to 121°C for 30 minutes for 99.9% elimination of bacteria and start of production with sterile equipment

 Advantages of the Actijoule option

  • The Actijoule® ultra-short electric heating process combined with tubular technology form a solution particularly well suited to the treatment of difficult products: it ensures a brief temperature rise without thermal stress and the absence of heat transfer fluid simplifies installation.
  • Absence of thermal inertia allowing to work in “Stop & Go”, the Actijoule® eliminating any risk of overheating of the product
  • Very accurate temperature regulation (+/-0.3°C), thanks to the electronic regulation acting through a P.I.D. on a set of power thyristors
  • 97% energy efficiency thanks to the limitation of inline energy losses


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Actini - Pasteurizer - 6,000 kg/h - egg - Austria (2) Actini - Pasteurizer - 15,000 kg/h - egg - The Netherlands Actini - Pasteurizer - 1,000 L/h - milk & yoghurt - Uganda Actini - Pasteurizer - 1,500 kg/h - egg - Finland Actini - Pasteurizer - 2,000 kg/h - egg - Latvia Actini - Pasteurizer - 2,000 kg/h - egg - Saudi Arabia Actini - Pasteurizer - 6,000 kg/h - egg - Austria Actini - Pasteurizer - 6,000 kg/h - egg - USA (2) Actini - Pasteurizer - 6,000 kg/h - egg - USA Actini - Pasteurizer - 6,000 L/h - wine - France Actini - Pasteurizer - 200 L/h - milk Actini - Pasteurizer - 350 kg/h - soup - France Actini - Pasteurizer - egg Actini - Pasteurizer - fruit puree - France Actini - Pasteurizer - milk - Algeria Actini - Pasteurizer - milk - Niger