Thanks to its 65 years of experience in the integration of heat treatment equipment within complete process lines, ACTINI is able to provide its Customers with turnkey solutions by connecting to its pilots, pasteurizers and sterilizers equipment such as fillers, storage tanks, valve manifolds and cooling or heating skids.

Storage tank

  • Tank before heat treatment:
    • Refrigerated
    • Agitated
    • Insulated
  • Tank after heat treatment:
    • Ultra-clean
    • Aseptic

Mixproof valve manifold

  • Automatic storage management via Mixproof manifold
  • Secure transfer of the product from/to the tanks: no risk of mixing between products or with cleaning solutions
  • Production flexibility

Exchanger module

  • Specific tubular heat exchanger dedicated to the cooling or heating of your liquids
  • Sizing suitable for all types of products
  • Semi-welded design to prevent contamination of your product
  • Hygienic and/or aseptic design

Filling devices

Support on packaging options such as Bag-in-Box  bottles or containers in manual or automatic operation.


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