With 65 years of experience in pasteurization, ACTINI has designed a manual Pasteurizer to meet the needs of small productions by offering them the essentials.


ACTINI systems have been standardized and optimized to facilitate their integration into your production environment and their accessibility in terms of maintenance.

All the components of the machine are assembled and interconnected on a particularly compact one-piece frame.

Ready to be commissioned, the equipment can be quickly connected to utilities, reducing assembly time on site.



    • Increased shelf life
    • Preservation of the pasteurized product
    • Homogeneous treatment: design studied to avoid the creation of a cold central vein
    • Hygienic design
    • Reduced clogging
  • « ECO » TARGETS:
    • Space saving:
      • Optimized footprint
      • Modular layout to fit even very narrow rooms
      • Autonomy of our fully skid-mounted systems
    • Time saving:
      • Short installation and commissioning times
      • Long production times thanks to limited clogging and minimal need for cleaning
    • Savings: benefit from low investment costs, control costs and increase your productivity:
      • Modular design allows you to build the equipment according to your needs
      • Advice for the choice of peripheral equipment
      • Possibility of having a package with standard maintenance contract
    • Ecology: optional energy recovery section available to reduce the energy consumption required by the system (75% recovery)


  • Technology: continuous pasteurization
  • Energy: electricity
  • Capacity: 250 to 500 liters per hour
  • Products to be pasteurized: juices, dairy products, nectars, plant extracts, etc.
  • Viscosity: 1 to 10 cP
  • Particles: < 1 mm
  • Possibility of additional options for advanced functions: energy recovery, steam or hot water generator, product cold output, etc.





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