ACTINI Continuous Neutralization System (CNS) is specially designed to neutralize effluent from continuous decontamination systems.
Our CNS is also able to handle wastes from various sources as CIP drainage, cleaning drainage and other alkaline or acid process wastewaters. This cost-effective equipment, able to neutralize high flow rate, is designed to fit in a minimum space area thanks to its small footprint.



  • Fully automatic neutralization system
  • Polyethylene (PE) tanks
  • Pumping skid – Centrifugal high flow pump
  • Single stage for pH range: from an inlet pH between 2 & 12 to an outlet pH between 5.5 & 9.5


  • Cooling plate exchanger for effluent over 60°C
  • Dedicated electrical cabinet with HMI
  • Neutralization in 2 stages: from an inlet pH between 0 & 14 to a more accurate outlet pH between 6.5 & 8
  • Dedicated chemical drums


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