Modular and evolutive: an equipment that evolves with your production!

ACTINI has designed a continuous thermal effluent decontamination system that is fully standardized for bio-industries and laboratories that do not have specific pre-requisites in their URS.

The ULTIMATE PLUS system is an ultra-compact model combining all the essential functions required to ensure decontamination with the advantages of a standard design in terms of price, time and ease of integration.

Our modular range of ULTIMATE PLUS decontamination systems allows the decontamination of 3,000 to 12,000 liters per hour, i.e. a daily capacity of 10,000 to 192,000 liters of effluent per day.




  • Heat treatment with F0 > 25 depending on the required safety levels
  • Standard set: from 80°C to 135°C for 1 minute (2 minutes as option)


  • Tubular design allowing continuous treatment of large volumes
  • All welded heat exchangers to avoid any risk of leakage and cross-contamination
  • Steam heating
  • Energy recovery section (savings of 80% of thermal energy used)
  • Dimensions: look at our leaflet by clicking here
  • Compliance with European or American standards

Equipment components

  • Starting tank and CIP (Cleaning in Place) preparation
  • CIP tanks for storage of CIP solutions (Cleaning in Place)
  • Pumping system secured by a filter
  • Treatment section with energy recovery system
  • Fully instrumented system (temperature sensor, flowmeter, pressure and level transmitters, valves) for fully automatic operation of the unit


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  • Actini - ULTIMATE + effluent decontamination system - 6,000 lhour - Ireland