Today’s egg, tomorrow’s technologies

Nowadays, more than 25% of the eggs consumed in the world are in liquid form, either Whole, White or Yolk, or sweet or salted preparations.

ACTINI lines are designed to produce formulated and pasteurised eggs with similar functional qualities of fresh eggs.

Our expertise of over 30 years in the egg treatment has enabled us both to select the most successful technologies to produce a high-quality egg product which can be stored for a very long time and to answer to the high requirements of this market in terms of food safety and productivity.

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Equipped with a combination of patented technologies, our Pasteurizers offer:

  • Thermal performances enabling to eliminate any potential pathogenic microorganism to obtain a healthy egg offering a shelf life of more than 8 weeks
  • An egg with preserved functional properties for an optimal use in industrial application.

    but especially support and advice: 

  • To support and advise you to define your investment project, offer you progressive solutions taking into account growth perspectives of your activity.
  • To train you in the use of the machines, bring you the product experience necessary for the success of any project connected to food processing and enable you to work in optimal conditions of hygiene and safety.

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