Features of a batch system

Benefits of an innovative technology

Compared to a batch system, the Cyclobatch is:

  • More energy efficient
  • Less noisy
  • Compact footprint

Benefits of the Cyclobatch®

Tangential injection system

The tangential injection produces spiral motion of the effuent inside the Cyclobatch.
This solution is particularly effective for the decontamination of small solids.

High energy efficiency and sustainability

Heating time is reduced by 17% and energy consumption is reduced by 23%.
Given that the treated product is not cooled within the tank, this latter remains always hot.

The Cyclobatch is always hot, and the effuent is cooled outside the batch, therefore it’s not
subjected to thermal stress.

Designed to be efficient and cost-effective

Specific design (patented)

  • No vent filters on the batch
  • Natural and controlled pressurization of the effuents to avoid boiling
  • Evacuation generated by the pressure produced during the heating cycle


Cost optimization
  • Lower capital investment
  • Optimal energy effciencies
  • Less maintenance
  • No vent clogging
  • No gaseous discharge
  • No pump to avoid any risk of leaks