Operating principle

The Actitube® exchanger consists of two concentric tubes within which the process fluid and the auxiliary fluid (coolant or refrigerant) circulate in opposite directions.


  • Heat recovery: circulation against the current of the process fluid
  • Heating and temperature maintenance with energy recovery
  • Cooling: double jacket exchanger for cold, iced or glycolled water

Design of the exchanger

  • Totally aseptic tubular exchanger
  • Compact one-piece unit that can be welded or dismantled
  • Resistance to high temperatures (250°C) and high pressure (30 bars)
  • Specific choice of steels according to the nature of the process fluid (304L, 316L, SAF and URANUS)
  • Compliance with the food and pharmaceutical design standards
  • Compliance with standards TÜV and 3A
  • Full traceability (3-1B Certificates, roughness, …)

Heating process


The Overheated Water process (AES) involves injecting controlled steam into a water loop circulating through the double jacket of the exchanger.

A “sonic” nozzle facilitates the diffusion in the coolant. The water thus heated is used to heat treat the liquid flowing in the internal aseptic tube. The equipment is quiet and the wide range of nozzles ensures precise temperature control.

Hot water

ACTINI also designs pasteurization and heating units using a Hot Water heating module (AEC) operating from electric heaters.