Operating principle

The electric exchanger Actijoule®, also called TPC (current flow tube – “Tube à passage de Courant” in French), consists of a series of tubes of stainless steel which, under low tension set, get hot. By Joule effect, the heat generated is transmitted directly to the liquid flowing in the tubes.

The Actijoule® thus fulfills three functions: electrical guide, heat exchanger and heat generating resistance.


  • 100% electrically operated
  • “Single Pass” design without coolant thus excluding the risk of cross contamination
  • Rapid high flux heating
  • Absence of thermal inertia enabling to work “Stop & Go” since the Actijoule® eliminates any risk of overheating of the product
  • Regularity of treatment thanks to the low heat differential between the tube and the product and to the electronic regulation acting through a regulator with P.I.D. action on a set of power thyristors. Treatment accuracy: +/- 0.2 ° C
  • Better control of fouling on difficult products, shorter and less frequent cleaning cycles
  • Energy efficiency of 97% by limiting inline energy losses


  • Power: from 6 to 500 kW
  • Maximum temperature: 250°C
  • Cylindrical tubes or tubes with modified geometry
  • Maximum pressure: 30 bars