Company profile

Designing … Manufacturing … Installing … Ensuring operational performance

Aware of the challenges posed by the choice of industrial equipment, our intention is to advise you at the outset of your project in order to choose the most appropriate solution and assist you in its implementation for optimal operational use.

Leader in the field of thermal treatment technologies, ACTINI has developed over the years a standard product line to satisfy the greatest number and provide optimized systems that meet the constraints of markets more and more demanding technically and fiscally.

But it is also the expertise and experience of a manufacturer whose business is to create innovative solutions to solve the specific problems of its Customers.


Our engineering and design department brings a range of skills to offer you the most suitable solutions. Our team of experts in Fluid Mechanics, Thermal Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automation is available to your project to guarantee the respect of your specifications, meet regulatory requirements and guarantee the performance of your equipment.


Manufacturer: a job that comes since 1936 in the history of ACTINI. Key player in the manufacturing of heat treatment equipment, ACTINI has two manufacturing facilities in Europe and the United States.

Metals workshops, passivation zone, electrical installation and assembly, enable our machines to take shape. Whether standard or custom equipment, our quality insurance system will guarantee the fulfillment of your order according to good manufacturing practices and compliance of your equipment with your expectations.

Installing and ensuring operational performance…

After being tested in our factory and shipped, our equipment will be then installed in your premises.

Under the supervision of our Foremen, all skills are available to you to commission your machine and help you in the early stages of production. Training of your staff and production control after operational start of your installation will also be offered to enable you to optimize your production.