1936 : Invention by William Patrick STOUTZ of the first electric machine to pasteurize milk

1953Setting up of ACTINI FRANCE and deposits of the first patents

1970 : Factory first UHT milk sterilizers equipped with free expansion output: the Actitube® exchangers are born

1988 : Installation of ACTINI to its current location near Evian-les-Bains (France)

1990s : A decade of innovations 

    • Marketing of a unique heating technology: the Actijoule® that uses Joule as heating process
  • Integration of a new generation of modified geometry tubes in heat exchangers for better treatment of difficult products

2000sTo new market segments

  • It is around these two market segments that ACTINI is now focusing its strategy and building its international development.

Already enjoying a good network of agents around the world, it is from 2004 that ACTINI decides to strengthen its presence abroad by opening a representative office in Thailand.

In 2009, ACTINI sets up in the United States. A manufacturing and marketing joint venture is opened in Pennsylvania in partnership with ABC (Allegheny Bradford Corporation). ABC Actini LLC, located in Bradford, PA, will open later two branches in Pittsburgh, PA and Montreal, QC.

Already present in China since 2008, the company establishes a subsidiary in Shanghai in 2010. ACTINI SHANGHAI TRADING CO. LTD was born, along with its Brazilian sister ACTINI SOUTH AMERICA, located in Porto Alegre in Brazil to strengthen the presence of the company in Latin America.

Since 2006… ACTINI reinforces its Products specialization

In the Egg Processing industry: 

  • In addition to the industrial lines, the small all-inclusive egg processing line OVOCOMPACT® was born. ACTINI technologies are no longer reserved for big egg breaking factories.
  • Extension of the activity to the production of egg powder. A Powder offering incorporating high-performance drying and ultrafiltration technologies is now available in addition to liquid lines

In the Biopharma industry:

    • Expansion of the activity in the BSL-4 safety level facilities 
  • Launch of a range of all-electric effluent decontamination systems for laboratories or research sites generating small quantities of effluent: MICRO, SINK® and KUBE® patented models
  • In addition to its tubular technology ACTINI develops a patented batch decontamination system: the CYCLOBATCH®

2018: ACTINI Group expansion

The company SOFAST (Manufacturing Company for Sterilization), located in Bordeaux (France), joined the ACTINI Group.

SOFAST is expert in the design and manufacturing of process equipment and lines for the preparation, formulation and transfer of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products.

The synergies linked to this acquisition should allow the group to strengthen its presence in these industries.

More information on SOFAST, click here!